MS41.0 Tuned DME (E36 323i/328i + E39 523i/528i )

Regular price $370.00

EWS delete:

This is the factory tune with the EWS immobiliser turned off.


Performance Tune:

7000rpm rev limiter.

Improved fueling and timing (designed to run 98 octane only) gives much better pickup down low as well as top end power.

Common M52 'rev hang' removed.

Vehicle Speed Sensor requirement removed.

EWS Removed.


Performance Tune for M50 manifold:

Same as above performance tune but mapped to suit larger M50 manifold.


Prices are for a complete DME ready to go, we offer a $160 core refund for any working flashable MS41 DME returned after purchase (contact us for details)

For any non standard requests such as non original injectors or different rev limit requirements, camshaft swaps etc, don't hesitate to contact us.