Single Mass Clutch + Flywheel Kit for E36/E46 M42/44 M50/52/54 PHC

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Clutch Kit Contents:

Clutch Disc (10 spline 240mm)
Pressure Plate
Single Mass Flywheel
Throwout Bearing
Flywheel + Pressure Plate Bolts

This kit is perfect as a replacement for any car using a Getrag 220/250 or a ZF310/320 with 10 spline input shaft.

This product is manufactured by Clutch Industries.
Clutch Industries (CI) is a full service clutch manufacturer, manufacturing clutch kits, clutch cover assemblies, clutch plates and flywheels. With more than 60 years of local design, development and manufacturing experience,
they have become the largest and most experienced clutch manufacturer in Australia.